Party & Event Trays

Plan the perfect party with Tom Leonard’s Fresh Food Trays! These fresh trays are made fresh and are the perfect addition to any event. Take the load off of preparing food and choose from a variety of trays:
(prices shown before tax and subject to change
(all platters are 12″ unless designated  16″ and subject to product availability)
(please allow 24-48 hours notice)
Don’t forget custom filled popcorn tins! 

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  • Sweets (Fresh baked assortment of fresh baked cookies & brownies)
              (12″ platter)   36 pieces     serves up to 20    $19.99


  • Brownie (Fresh baked brownies)
              (12″ platter)   12 pieces     serves up to 12     $17.99


  • Sweet Bread (4 Flavors of fresh baked sweet bread wedges including our homemade poundcake)
              (12″ platter)   32 pieces     serves 16-20        $32.99


  • Fruit (Fresh-cut seasonal melon, grapes, strawberries and pineapple)  full of bright seasonal colors
              small (12″ platter) serves 10-12          (3 lbs cut fruit)    sm  $19.99  
              large (16″ platter) serves up to 20    (6 lbs cut fruit)       lg $29.99
  • Vegetable (Fresh-cut celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, & grape tomatoes) 
              crisp colorful vegetables with ranch or blue cheese dip
              small (12″ platter) serves 10-12          sm  $19.99  
              large (16″ platter) serves up to 20       lg $29.99


  • Shrimp (Cooked Jumbo Shrimp ready to eat, tail on, shell off, deveined), comes with cocktail sauce & lemon wedges
               small (square bowl) serves up to 4       (20-25 count)   sm  $15.99  
              large (12″ platter)     serves up to 10     (60-70 count)      lg $45.99


  • Spiced Shrimp (Regular shrimp-spiced, served with shell on)
              small (square bowl) serves up to 4       (20-25 count)   sm  $15.99  
              large    (12″ platter) serves up to 10    (60-70 count)      lg $49.99


  • Gourmet Assorted Cube Cheese (NY Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Jarlsberg, Swiss, and Pepper Jack)
              both include choice of up to 4 cheeses; both served with fresh grapes; large platter also includes olives
              small (12″ platter) serves up to 15  (2 lbs)      sm  $32.99  
              large (12″ platter) serves 25-30    (3.5 lbs)      lg $49.99


  • Caprese (Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Tomato with balsamic drizzle) $34.99
              (12″ platter)       made with 2 lbs of our fresh pulled Mozzarella!  Always a favorite.  serves up to 12


  • Condiments (Sliced tomato, lettuce, onion with mayo and mustard, olives, pickles)
              small (12″ platter) serves up to 10    sm  $9.99  
              large (12″ platter) serves 15-20           lg $16.99


  • Boars Head Cold Cuts (Your choice of  up to 4 meats & 4 cheeses  of premium Boar’s Head favorites)
              treat your guests to a classic assortment of Boars Head meat & cheeses
              small (12″ platter) serves up to 10  (2 lbs meat & 2 lbs cheese)      sm  $39.99  
              large (16″ platter)     serves 15-20   (4 lbs meat & 2 lbs cheese)        lg $59.99


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