The Richmond Animal Care and Control Foundation is the local Charity on the Tom Leonard’s Wishing Well.

Together, the Richmond Animal Care and Control and The Foundation are passionate about saving lives.

The foundation collaborates closely with RACC to support the costs of emergency care, provide a part time trainer/ behaviorist, increase marketing outreach through fundraising and volunteer coordination. They are the only open admission animal shelter in the city servicing over 3,00 animal per year that need immediate care.

In 2019 they developed The Tommie Fund to help offset the costs of emergency medical services at municipal shelters and public animal control agencies in Virginia who have stray, unclaimed and/or abandoned animal in need of emergency medical care services.

The weekend of January 6th, 2023, they have recently rescued 29 puppies from what they describe a “terrible situation”.

Click here to learn more about the Tommie Fund and other services they may offer.